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E2M for Import/Export and Commercial Agencies

is located in the center of Cairo in Tahrir Square;

it is one of the fastest growing companies in Egypt

that exports fresh agricultural products from all over Egypt. E2M was incorporated by Eng. Mina Anthony

and Eng. Michael Emad Mina.  

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We bring you the best quality and service in exporting

varieties of fruits and vegetables. E2M has been exporting

fruits and vegetables for several years in several countries

across the globe such as USA, England, Australia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Italy, China, Hong Kong, GCC Members,

Taiwan, Singapore, Pakistan, Russia, Canada and

several others.

It provides a wide variety of the best quality of fruits and

vegetables all year long depending on their seasons.

E2M’s top priority is food safety and quality.

We supply all specifications according to client’s needs. 

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